Key Aspects of the Scheme

This Scheme is a means by which those who suffered child sexual abuse perpetrated by members of the clergy and other church representatives acting under the Diocese’s authority are able to obtain recognition and reasonable compensation without the need for lengthy investigation and litigation.

The Scheme will respond to applications where there are allegations of sexual abuse (including sexual grooming), which may or may not have been accompanied by physical and/or emotional abuse, and which occurred when the Applicant was under age 18.

Participation in the scheme protects an Applicant from legal arguments about limitation periods and delay in seeking compensation (in accordance with the relevant legislation) being raised as a defence by the Diocese during the period of the Applicant’s participation in the Scheme.

If an Applicant has an ongoing claim against the Diocese relating to the same matters referred to in his or her Scheme Claim Form then for the time during which an application is made and considered that claim and any associated proceedings will be stayed.

All applications will be assessed by an independent Panel. In assessing all applications, the Panels will have regard to all the available information and make their decision on the balance of probabilities and on a majority basis.
Panel members have been appointed via an independent process managed by a third party organisation. The Diocese has had no involvement in the appointment of Panel members.

Scheme Administrators will be appointed to administer the Scheme, to check the applications and associated evidence, to make requests for missing information, to provide information to and act as secretariat to the Decision and Appeal Panels, to liaise with applicants and their legal advisors.

Settlement of an application under the scheme is on the basis of there being no admission of liability. Settlement offers are made in accordance with guidance based on previous awards made by judicial determination, previous settlements in similar cases and awards made in comparable redress schemes. They reflect the personal injury and consequences caused by the Abuse. Awards of up to £80,000 will be made.

Agreement to settlement pursuant to the Scheme will be in full and final settlement of the claim made against the Diocese including all legal entities identified above. By accepting a settlement an Applicant waives his or her right to pursue a claim against the Diocese for damages arising out of the circumstances identified in their Application. In the event of an applicant having ongoing proceedings against the Diocese they will be discontinued upon settlement.

To enable all those who were abused to apply to the Scheme the Diocese extended the Scheme by 6 months enabling others to make applications up to 29th March 2024.

Update 27th March 2024: Click here to download a statement confirming the ending of the redress scheme extension on 29th March 2024.

Click here to download the Redress Scheme Overview (pdf document)